Klaprozenweg 75

Amsterdam Noord

From approx 27 sq.m.
From € 300,- p.m.

Amsterdam North

Noord is where it all happens. This is where many developments are under way, and you can take advantage of that. The Unitz on the Klaprozenweg are right in the middle of this trendy area, which is already home to MTV, Red Bull, VNU Media and Hema.

Striking building
The building has been completely renovated, and given an image in keeping with the wishes of modern day office users. The interior is refined and modern, with a slightly industrial character. The office building comprises a ground floor and 8 storeys in total. The Unitz are on the 1st and 2nd floors around a central core, with luxurious sanitary facilities and a shared pantry of excellent quality.
This office building is situated directly on the Klaprozenweg, the main road through this area. The building is therefore certainly a high-profile location in a dynamic which is in full development.
The building has its own car park directly adjacent.

Klaprozenweg 75 is extremely accessible both by public transport and car. Junction S118 of the A10 Ringweg Noord (Northern ring road) is less than 3 kilometres away. From there, the main roads A8 (Amsterdam - Westzaan), A1 (Amsterdam - Osnabruck) and A4 (Amsterdam - The Hague) can all be reached within 15 minutes.
Public transport
With public transport, the building can be reached within 12 minutes on bus lines 91 and 94 from Amsterdam Central NS station. Another option is the NDSM ferry which sails between the NDSM dock and Amsterdam Central NS station every 15 minutes.
Car2go hub
This 100% electric cars are ideal for an appointment in the center of the city for example. The car2go concept is quite simple. After reserving a car online, you get acces to your car car with your member card or the car2go app and drive to a public parking lot near the destination to park the car. That's all. You pay per minute and you don't have to deal with complex contracts.
Energy label


Unit Surface Rental price Status Info
2.01 31 sq.m. LFA - Let
2.02 76 sq.m. LFA € 1.250,- * Available in consultation
2.03 41 sq.m. LFA - Let
2.04 40 sq.m. LFA - Let
2.05 55 sq.m. LFA - Let
2.06 39 sq.m. LFA - Let
2.07 208 sq.m. LFA - Let
2.08.A 34 sq.m. LFA - Let
2.08.B 34 sq.m. LFA - Let
2.09 69 sq.m. LFA € 1.125,- * Available from 01-11-2022
2.10 69 sq.m. LFA - Let
2.11 27 sq.m. LFA - Let
2.12 27 sq.m. LFA - Let

* Offer price per month (exclusive of service charge and VAT)

Unit Surface Rental price Status Info
3.01 64 sq.m. LFA € 1.050,- * Available from 01-10-2022
3.02 63 sq.m. LFA - Let
3.03 63 sq.m. LFA - Let
3.04 153 sq.m. LFA - Let
3.05.A 131 sq.m. LFA - Let
3.05.B 207 sq.m. LFA - Let
3.06 34 sq.m. LFA - Let
3.07 34 sq.m. LFA € 550,- * Available from 01-10-2022

* Offer price per month (exclusive of service charge and VAT)

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