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Rokin 69

Rokin 69
No. of Unitz: 25
Let: 25
Floor area: from approx 20 sq.m.
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A beautiful location in the middle of the center of Amsterdam, between the Dam and the Muntplein. Rokin is close to Central Station and with the new stop of the North / South line at the door, accessibility will soon be optimal.


Amsterdam’s past

The property with The Marine Insurance Company Limited mentioned in large letters on the facade, was built in the early twentieth century, the period of exponential (financial) growth of Amsterdam. Rokin 69 is a national monument.



The Unitz are on the ground floor to the 3rd floor and have the following floor areas and rental prices. Lease prices on request:

Unit Floor Surface rental price p.m.
10ca. 93 m² v.v.o.let
20ca. 25 m² v.v.o.let
30ca. 24 m² v.v.o.let
40ca. 53 m² v.v.o.let
50ca. 52 m² v.v.o.let
11ca. 26 m² v.v.o.let
21ca. 43 m² v.v.o.let
31ca. 54 m² v.v.o.let
41ca. 46 m² v.v.o.let
51ca. 49 m² v.v.o.let
61ca. 56 m² v.v.o.let
71ca. 24 m² v.v.o.let
12ca. 21 m² v.v.o.let
22ca. 41 m² v.v.o.let
32ca. 51 m² v.v.o.let
42ca. 27 m² v.v.o.let
52ca. 24 m² v.v.o.let
62ca. 52 m² v.v.o.let
72ca. 54 m² v.v.o.let
82ca. 24 m² v.v.o.let
13ca. 20 m² v.v.o.let
23ca. 42 m² v.v.o.let
33ca. 25 m² v.v.o.let
43ca. 38 m² v.v.o.let
53ca. 137 m² v.v.o.let


Offer price per month (exclusive of service charge and VAT).


De Unitz van Rokin 69 liggen in hartje Amsterdam. Direct achter de Dam huisvest Rokin een mix van werken, retail, horeca en woningen.



Rokin is easily reached by car via de A10 Ringweg Zuid (Southern ring road). It is less than 10 minutes’ drive to junction S109 from Ringweg Zuid (Southern ring road). From there, the main roads A1 (Amsterdam – Osnabrück), A2 (Amsterdam – Maastricht), A4 (Amsterdam – The Hague) and A9 (Amsterdam – Alkmaar) can all be reached within 15 minutes.

The tram lines 4, 9, 14, 16 en 24 pass through Spui at Rokin on their way to Central Station.

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