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A.J. Ernststraat 595

Amsterdam South
A.J. Ernststraat 595
No. of Unitz: 31
Let: 23
Floor area: from approx 30 sq.m.
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The representative 'De Gelder' office building is situated above the very popular 'Gelderlandplein' shopping centre. This building offers a pleasant and attractive working environment, with all facilities within easy reach. Excellent access from the A10 ring road and close to the Zuidas business district!


Modern building

De Gelder is a modern building which has recently been further modernised. The entrance hall on the ground floor and the lifts have been modernised, for example.



The Unitz are on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors and have the following floor areas and rental prices:

Unit Floor Surface rental price p.m.
12ca. 100 m² v.v.o.let
22ca. 40 m² v.v.o.€ 1000,00
32ca. 40 m² v.v.o.€ 1000,00
42ca. 40 m² v.v.o.let
52ca. 55 m² v.v.o.let
62ca. 108 m² v.v.o.let
72ca. 40 m² v.v.o.let
82ca. 40 m² v.v.o.let
92ca. 30 m² v.v.o.let
13ca. 40 m² v.v.o.let
23ca. 55 m² v.v.o.€ 1375,00
33ca. 68 m² v.v.o.€ 1700,00
43ca. 80 m² v.v.o.€ 2000,00
53ca. 40 m² v.v.o.let
63ca. 30 m² v.v.o.let
73ca. 40 m² v.v.o.let
83ca. 40 m² v.v.o.let
93ca. 108 m² v.v.o.let
14ca. 40 m² v.v.o.let
44ca. 108 m² v.v.o.let
34ca. 55 m² v.v.o.€ 1375,00
24ca. 40 m² v.v.o.let
54ca. 40 m² v.v.o.let
64ca. 40 m² v.v.o.let
74ca. 30 m² v.v.o.let
26ca. 40 m² v.v.o.let
36ca. 55 m² v.v.o.let
46ca. 108 m² v.v.o.let
56ca. 40 m² v.v.o.let
66ca. 40 m² v.v.o.€ 1000,00
76ca. 30 m² v.v.o.€ 750,00

Unitz 2, 3 (2nd floor) and 3 (4th floor) are available from 01-07-2019.

Unitz 2, 3, 4 (3rd floor) and 6, 7 (6th floor) are available from 01-09-2019.

Offer price per month (exclusive of service charge and VAT).


The Gelder Unitz are in the centre of Buitenveldert, a stone's throw from the Zuidas business district. The building is part of the very popular 'Gelderlandplein' shopping centre with excellent shops and various bars and restaurants.



De Gelder is easily accessible by car. Junction S109 of the Ringweg Zuid (Southern ring road) is just over a kilometre's drive. From there, the main roads A1 (Amsterdam – Osnabrück), A2 (Amsterdam – Maastricht), A4 (Amsterdam – The Hague) and A9 (Amsterdam – Alkmaar) can all be reached within 15 minutes.
Directly opposite the building entrance is a bus stop for bus lines 199 (Amsterdam, Station Zuid - Schiphol), 354 (Amsterdam Central - Amstelveen) and 612 (Amsterdam - Abcoude). Also at walking distance is the A.J. Ernststraat express tram 41 and tram 5 stop (Amsterdam Central - Amstelveen).



There is an option to lease parking spaces in 'De Looward' indoor car park located under the building.

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