Quick and Simple

Setting up your workplace in one of our Unitz is quick and easy. All you need do is contact one of the estate agents listed below for a no-obligation viewing. If you then decide you want to move into one of our Unitz, the estate agent will draw up a proposal for you, clearly stating the conditions. As soon as the agreement has been signed and the conditions fulfilled, you will receive the key to your Unit.
Ready for use
The Unitz spaces are all finished to a high standard and fulfil all the requirements of the contemporary user. Our aim is to deliver the spaces ready for immediate use: all you need do is bring in your computer and chair, and you can get to work straight away.
Unitz does not involve entering into a restrictive contract with conditions that keep you awake at night. Unitz offers flexible agreements, with flexible rental periods. And when you grow, we grow with you. Within the building, or at one of our other locations.

Unitz from Kroonenberg Groep on Vimeo.

Quick and simple
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